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1) Will MacBat PowerCap battery affect my audio system?
Yes, it will improve the audio quality!
And for even more power, you can buy our MacBat AudioCap.

2) Does this battery need refill with distill water?
No, our MacBat PowerCap battery is totally maintenance free.

3) What is the price?
MacBat PowerCap battery price is slightly more expensive than most of conventional lead-acid batteries, depending on the country you are buying.

But keep in mind that our MacBat PowerCap Battery will make you save money because it will last longer and your engine will consume less:

» E.G. for a car: from this study, driving a typical sedan 15,000 miles annually in the United States will cost USD 1,681 of fuel. Compared to a traditional lead-acid car battery, MacBat PowerCap battery will make you save about 3% = $ 50 every year. And the money saved increase much more if you are a professional spending time on the roads.

» E.G. for a truck: from this study, a commercial truck can easily consume more than 70,000 USD of diesel fuel per year. Compared to a traditional lead-acid car battery, MacBat PowerCap battery will make you save about 2% = $ 1,400 every year.

»E.G. for a motorbike: from our tests, you can expect to save up to 8% on fuel by using a MacBat PowerCap battery.

4) Can I normally jump start my car with MacBat PowerCap battery?
Yes, same as normal battery.

5) How do I know when my MacBat PowerCap battery needs to be changed?
Same as a traditional lead-acid battery.

» Also, at the end of life, you might don’t need to replace the whole MacBat PowerCap battery. You may only change the inner small battery, and your MacBat PowerCap battery will be operational again for years of service!

6) Why is it lighter than my lead traditional acid battery?
Depending on the PowerCap battery model, MacBat use from 60% to 85% less acid and from 65% to 80% less lead than a conventional automotive lead-acid battery. This is why our PowerCap battery is not heavy: up to 8KG less than a traditional lead-acid battery!

7) Why is it more eco-friendly than my traditional lead-acid battery?
Lead and acid aver very dangerous compounds for the environment. Depending on the battery model, MacBat PowerCap battery use from 60% to 85% less acid and from 65% to 80% less lead than a traditional automotive lead-acid battery. We believe that our PowerCap battery is the future of the automotive battery market with its outstanding performances and its low environmental impact.

8) Can it replace my original battery?
Yes. Installation is easy, the size is compatible with every car, motorbike or any other automotive model. And it is maintenance free!

9) Does MacBat PowerCap battery damage my electrical system?
No. Actually, MacBat PowerCap battery help stabilize the electrical system and is safer than any other automotive traditional lead-acid battery.

10) What is your MacBat PowerCap battery life?
MacBat PowerCap battery comes with a 3 year warranty on PowerCaps (Supercapacitors) and 1 year for the standard small lead-acid battery inside.

»Also, the standard small lead-acid battery inside can be easily replaced by yourself by any other standard lead-acid battery of the same voltage.

11) Do I need to change anything in my vehicle?
No, MacBat PowerCap battery is plug and play, just install it like any other battery.